Business security

EYE Anti-Malware


Offers advanced on-demand security in addition to that provided by traditional security applications such as firewalls, anti virus software and spyware detection software. EYE Anti-Malware include Next-Generation technology to detect and remove: Malware, Viruses, Exploits, Rootkits, Adware, Spyware, PUP, Hijackers, Ransomwares, Rogue Software and Zero-day threats. EYE includes various new technologies to ensure that our software is capable of detecting and removing known and unknown dangers while protecting the integrity of your operating system.


Key features:


  • CBAD Dynamic Analysis
  • CBAD Dynamic Emulation
  • CBAD Hyper Emulation
  • CBAD Behavior & Anomaly Analysis
  • Collective Cloud Database (CCD)
  • Advanced Malware Detection & Removal

EYE Internet Security


Delivers a multilayered defense against online dangers, and proves that high-end security and optimal performance go hand in hand. Using very little system resources and boosting a extreemly fast scanning engine. EYE Internet Security is stopping malware and keeping hackers out, using Next-generation inbound and outbound Scanning, Detection and Removal technology. EYE Internet Security is easy to install and manage simply install and forget, Updates are being downloaded multiple times a day and safeguards your data from unauthorized encryption, data leaks, as well as backing up files that have been locked, damaged or corrupted by suspicious and malicious programs.


Key features:


  • Advanced Malware Detection & Removal
  • Multiple Scanning Engines
  • Proactive Smart Firewall
  • Secure Online Shopping & Browsing
  • System Cleanup & Repair
  • Process Shield & Register Guard

EYE Endpoint Protection


A comprehensive security suite specially made for PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. EYE Endpoint Protection include anti-malware, web filtering, application firewall, central logging & reporting, SSL and IPsec VPN, Network & System optimization and much more. A Centralized managment system allows you to configure and deploy Client, System, Network and application policies and rules across the entire network without disrupting or slowing connected devices. EYE Endpoint Protection when normal protection is not enough. Share your encrypted files between any compatible Windows Computer, Apple Mac or Android device via the cloud, Email or any other file sharing App.


Key features:


  • Remote Management & Client Policy Management
  • Proactive Smart Firewall
  • Advanced Malware Detection & Removal
  • Server, Client, File, Network Protection
  • Access & Application Control
  • System Backup & Rollback

EYE Smart Encryption


Does protect your confidential data, such as documents, photos and personal information. EYE Smart Encryption provides robust file, folder and disc encryption, your private information safe using powerful 256-bit AES encryption. EYE Smart Encryption is user-friendly and easy to use and you can share your encrypted files between any device or sharing app.


Key features:


  • AES 256 Bit Encryption & Decryption
  • Email Encryption
  • File & Disc Locker
  • USB Key Support & Key Management
  • Secure Delete & Backup
  • Data Vault & 50GB Cloud Storage

EYE Data Recovery & Backup


If your data gets corrupted or deleted from your system or network then EYE Data Recovery can help retrieve data such as documents, photos, multimedia files and emails, etc. EYE Data Recovery works on computers, servers and removable drives such as USB sticks, memory cards, mobile phones and iPods. Backing up your data is nowadays a absolute must, EYE Data Recovery & Backup protects your entire system (files, applications, operating system) with file backups and Disaster Recovery image backups in one solution. EYE Data Recovery and Backup is Easy to use, non intrusive and rock solid.


  • Disc Editor & Data Recovery
  • Partition Management & Volume Search
  • I/O handler Script & Disc Imaging
  • DMA Mode & Disk Copying
  • Disc Repair & Ultra Delete
  • 500GB SSD Cloud Backup Storage

EYE Application Access Control


Our application access control software offers strong security and flexible integration possibilities across a wide variety of commercial and enterprise applications. The combination of EYE's sophisticated access control and extensive application security features with integration possibilities for a wide range of 3rd party hardware and software applications makes EYE Application Access Control particularly flexible and ideally suited to manage your security requirements.


  • Application & Access Control
  • Central Management & Session Support
  • Advanced Session Roleback & Session Restore
  • Advanced Client Policy & Rule Configuration
  • Full Network Firewall & Anti-Malware Security
  • Central Patch & Update System & System Crash Recovery

EYE Cloud Storage


Our enterprise-proven public cloud storage service that supports your need for cloudbased data storage, sharing, and protection. Secure, resilient, elastic, and simple to use so your data is available when you need it from any environment connected to the Internet.



  • 500GB SSD Cloud Storage
  • 256-AES & PGP Data Encryption
  • Desktop Client & File Versioning
  • Up to 10GB Max Filesize & Fast Up/Download Speed
  • Synchronisation & Filesharing
  • Snapshots & Reports

Network & server security

IQ Forensics

Our advanced digital forensic investigation software enables investigators to collect, triage, process, analyze, review, and report on vast amounts of digital data—all in one platform. Combining forensic depth, petabyte scale, and intelligence extraction from the widest variety of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources to help you turn massive amounts of digital evidence into actionable intelligence in order to solve cases faster, beat backlogs, and prevent future crime.

  • Advanced Logging & Tracing
  • Data Interpreter & Data Analysis
  • RAM, Harddrive, Register Analysis
  • Malware & Intrusion Analysis
  • File Integrity Analysis & Checksum Analysis
  • PPA Analysis & PPA Kernel Analysis