FMA Intel-Secure is a Cyber Security & Anti-malware Company.

We work with you to understand the unique security challenges, goals, and requirements of your business. We then provide tailored, high quality, customer-focused, and cost-effective solutions to protect you against emerging security threats and we provide the knowledge you need to manage your enterprise security risk proactively. As a training company, we provide knowledge of real-world security issues through simulated and "how-to" exercises that enable you do your job successfully, saving you retraining costs and time. FMA Intel-Secure is based in Harlingen (Netherlands) and is privately owned and managed by a core team made up of dedicated security experts, computer forensics examiners, consultants, researchers, and trainers with in-depth expertise. Our team has technical backgrounds and business experience gained from working in a variety of premier organizations and governmental institutions. HexCrypt Advanced Malware Analysis & Cyber Forensics Is a subsidiary of FMA IntelSecure and was founded in 2006, focused on: Identifying, Mitigating, Researching, Tracking and Neutralizing Cyber Crime, Crimeware and Malware threats in Europa. HexCrypt operates by conducting real time data and information sharing and malware analysis with professional & volunteer security experts from around the globe. HexCrypt pro-actively identifies Cyber threats in order to help partners take preventive measures to mitigate those threats. HexCrypt has a proven track record within the Benelux and is slowly expanding globally. Collaboration with partners has resulted in countless criminal and civil investigations. To date, HexCrypt and FMA Intel-Secure have provided information and data which has aided in the successful prosecution of Cyber criminals worldwide. We work both nationally and internationally across private industry, law enforcement and governmental institutions.


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